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Podcaster Throwdown: (00:29)

Good job to everyone! We’ve submitted over 400 hats!

Check out Episode 8.5 for Throwdown information.

Check out the Podcaster Throwdown group in Ravelry. There will be prizes for participating in the Throwdown group on Ravelry, courtesy of XRX. Check out the Halos of Hope website and Ben’s interview with Pam Haschke on Fiber Hooligans.

The December incentive pattern is Zoe. Post your finished hats in this thread to get your incentive.

There are prizes for donating to Team Knottygirls. Check out Episodes 10, 11, 12, and 13, as well as the Prize Page for prize listings.  New prizes include a custom-dyed skein of Dizzy Blonde yarns.

Send your hats to Purlescence Yarns, tagged for Team Knotty. Shipping information is here.

Purlescence Address:

Purlescence Yarns
your name & the name of your team
564 South Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

There is another way to participate. You can now donate for your favorite team. Click here and choose your team. $5 is equal to one hat for your team! Each $5 lets Halos of Hope to ship 16 hats to cancer centers and hospitals around the country.

We are starting to gather grand prizes for the winning team.

Catching Up: (5:03)

Hatnado was amazingly fun. There was cake and wine and mockery of the fantastic opus Sharknado. Thank you so much to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company for letting us use their space and to everyone who came out and donated hats.

Laura has been having a lot of family time, including visits from her sister-in-law (who is MIllieHanS on Ravelry. She is tired from getting the house ready. She is doing a lot of Stitches West prep. She may take Tournament 10 off from Nerd Wars. She is possibly seeking a new captain or co-captain for Team Browncoat. We mention Ysolda's Mystery knitalong.

Jen has been baking fancy pies for various holiday events. She's been trying to get into the Christmas spirit, because she's been working a lot. Jen got her tree up though. Santa will bringing Laura's Christmas tree (which is what her step-granddaughter are used to). Jen has the whole week off and is looking forward to it, because knitting time! And the Doctor Who Christmas special. Jen has also entered the 30 Day Sweater Design Competition, so thank you to everyone who voted for her.

In the Knitting Bag: (14:09)

Spring Lacy Hat
Grumperina Hat

Laura is working on a third Big Damn Hero Hat by Dryope out of Knitpicks Brava in Rust, Yellow, and Orange.  She's also working on an r Odessa Hat (without beads) by Grumperina out of Dizzy Blonde Studios Superwash DK in the color Jessica (turquoise) for her sister-in-law. She's also working on a Spring Lacy Hat by My Hobby is Crochet out of Berroco Comfort in Copen Blue and Lemon for a woman at work who is getting chemo.

Jennifer is knitting the California Poppy Shawl by Lydia Tsymbal out of Baah La Jolla in My Sweet Valentine for Melissa. She's also knitting a Man Hat by Haven Leavitt out of blue Plymouth Encore Yarn for Halos of Hope. And she is working on her Kently Socks by Heather Ordover out of Koigu.

Finished Objects: (20:02)

Flick Wig (So Gidget)

Laura finished a Flick Wig by Wild Daffodil in Berroco Vintage Chunky Yarn in chocolate for a friend's mom.  (We point you to Episode 1 for the story of this yarn, which was Laura's first Frog Pond story for the show and involves a Sylvi Coat and the Yggdrasil Afghan.) She made an Olivia’s Butterfly Hat out of Berroco Comfort in Copen Blue.

Gramps Cardigan
Easy Baby Sweater

Jen finished her Easy Baby Sweater by Susan Mills out of Classic Elite Liberty Wool in Caribbean Tide for her nephew. She also finished gramps by tincanknits out of Delcious Yarns Frosting Worsted in Blueberry and Pistachio, again for her nephew.  She finished a vanilla hat in Blue and White Encore for the Throwdown. And she finished her secret Christmas project.

Devil's Tower: (25:32)

Laura has put her Sous Chef hat by Marly Bird out of Knitpicks Brava in Rouge and Coral. It's just too labor intensive right now. Her sock design in Lambie Toes is also on hold.

We talk about Wollmeise and self-striping sock yarn.

Jen is sad because her devils tower is too big. All of her Halos hats need ends woven in, she has shawls and cardigans and everything.

Frog Pond: (29:33)

Laura had to tink back three rows on the Grumperina hat, because she was talking too much while knitting.

Jen had to frog her entire California Poppy Shawl because she made a big mistake and she was only 24 rows in. She decided it wasn't worth it to drop down and fix it, because that would have taken just as long as frogging and re-knitting.

She also accidentally stabbed herself in the chin with a darning needle. Be careful with those things.

On Deck: (34:11)

Laura wants to make a Dragon Tail Hat by Jen Spears for Nerd Wars, Doctor Who-inspired hat out of Dizzy Blonde Superwash DK in Smurfinator, and Down the Garden Path by Michele DuNaier out of Lambie Toes for her Stitches West booth.

Jen will be working on more hats (maybe even a crochet hat), her cardigan design (she's excited to use her Wollmeise), and she really wants to do some colorwork so she might make Water for the Elephants by Rose Hiver or mitts inspired by Jacaranda blossoms (her own designs).

Knit Culture (39:41)

We review Dishcloth Diva by Deb Buckingham, which the awesome people at Cooperative Press sent us. We recommend it. Knitted dishcloths rock for cleaning dishes and faces and the small patterns are great for beginning knitters (little girls can make wool doll blankets) or knitters that need stuff on the go. It's very informative. Jen wants to make them into quilt squares and pillows. The motifs are really lovely and versitile. Four thumbs up (and a toe!)

We announce the 2014 Stashdown. We like themes for the year more than resolutions (we are cribbing shameless from the Knitmore Girls). We both have obscene stashes, so for 2014 we have set some goals to reduce stash. Jen's 2014 theme is to simplify her life and create things to make her life overwhelming, which involves letting go of a lot of stuff. She wants to get rid of her stash by knitting.

We challenge ourselves and our listeners to reduce stash as a year-long project. Knit from your stash all year long. Catalog your stash and find out what you have (however you want to). Then set goals for yourself. Each month will have a theme and a thread to post FOs along the theme and there will be prizes. Set some goals for yourself (these are personal, so whatever you want). Jen's goals are to buy no yarn except for at Stitches West or if Wollmeise Lace becomes available and to knit at least 20000 yards of yarn (this may be reassessed). Laura will only buy yarn at Stitches (as much as she wants) and only one skein of yarn at smaller festivals. She wants to knit at least 1/3 of her stash. She will check her stash before she buys yarn for projects.

There will be a confessional thread for when you fall down. No judgement, just acknowledgment to help you get back onto your goal.

Go to the general Stashdown Thread on Ravelry to post your goals and chit chat about your stashdown ideals. We'll open the January and confessional thread soon.

We also recommend using a meter from to track how much you've knit, crochet, or spin over the year.

Geek Culture: (57:39)

We talk about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is at its midseason hiatus. We both want to love the series, but right now we only like it. We are hopeful for the future, knowing how Joss's first seasons go.

We point out the Star Trek Renegades trailer.

We also point out io9's article about 10 TV Shows that Desperately Need Their Own Drinking Game.

Events: (1:08:55)

We will be at Stitches West, which is February 20-23 in Santa Clara, CA at the Convention Center. Dizzy Blonde Studios & Skeindalous Yarns are sharing a booth (booth 906); we will update you with the booth number when we get it. Halos of Hope will have a booth (booth 908) and we may have a Meet and Greet. We will will be at the Friday Night Pajama Party, hosted by Marly Bird. It's a lot of fun, we hope to see you there. The Dizzy Blonde booth is a collection point for Halos of Hope hats for Team KnottyGirls (the final collection point!). With prizes! Shout out to the Purlescence Girls!

We will get together with the Yarn on Tap Girls for an event we call Knit2Together. This will be sometime in January at a point halfway between us and we will knit hats for Halos of Hope.

Our next milestone prize will be at 1000 members, so join the Ravelry group! And don’t forget to knit hats and donate.

P.S. What Does the Fox Say?

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