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November 2013
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Today’s episode is sponsored by Dizzy Blonde Studios. For beautifully hand-dyed yarns and inspired knit design, please visit

Throwdown Update: (1:10)

Check out Episode 8.5 for Throwdown information.

Thank you to El Segundo Slipt Stitchers for the hats donated!

Check out the Podcaster Throwdown group in ravelry. Check out the Halos of Hope website and Ben's interview with Pam Haschke on Fiber Hooligans.

The November incentive hat is A Chill in Wonderland by Izzy Schutz. Post completed hats in the the thread to get your hat.

New prizes added are:
1. Brenda Castiel is donating some patterns
2. Linelle Kennedy of KnitTotes has donated some circular needle cases and a tote bag
3. Heather of Mad Color has donated a skein of yarn.

Catching Up: (9:05)

Laura loved the CogKnitive Fibre Retreat and is taking care of the admin for the post-marketplace and dying a lot to prepare for WeFF. Her voice is back. The remodel is making her crazy, but it's almost done and to channel that, she is planning a trip.

Jen has been spinning! She's working on Knitpicks fiber. She really enjoys it. She saw the film Gravity, which had a lot of space geekery and the film Enough Said, which had knitting in it!

In The Knitting Bag: (18:30)

Laura has been working on a new sock pattern to be knit in Lambie Toes in the color No Touching Guns.

She's test knitting the A Chill in Wonderland hat in Knitpicks Brava Worsted.

And she is working on the third version of her Companion beaded choker in Hempathy.

Jen is still working on her 30 Day Sweater in the Dizzy Blonde Superwash DK in the colorway Anna.

She's also working on Ron's sock, which are the Bed Sock in Lemon Pattern with Fancy Knit Stripe from Knitting Vintage Socks out of Koigu.

She's working on another Gerri Hat for the Throwdown out of the Peter Pan Wendy Yarn in pink.

She is also making a Minion Hat for Halloween out of Plymouth Encore.

We confirm that 30 is no longer even close to middle aged and that middle aged is a silly concept.

Finished Objects: (26:07)

Laura has finished her Udones out of Knitpicks Palette in clover.

She also finshed her Broncos Gridiron Scarf (Lattice Wingspan) out of Mean Girls Yarn Club Hoar's Yer Buddy. She needs to block it, but she has no room.

Jen never finishes anything. She has tons of projects on hold for the 30 day sweater, including her Rocky Coast Cardigan, her Sunshine Socks, her secret Christmas project, and her shawl design for Knit Dizzney.

Devil's Tower: (32:19)

Laura is putting her Sassy-tis (Clapotis) in the Devil's Tower until November, so it can be a flexible schedule for Nerd Wars. Same with her Tree of Life Fingerless Mitts.

Jen has everything in Devil's Tower.

Frog Pond: (34:58)

Jen thought she lost her knitting, but she really just misplaced it.

On Deck: (35:59)

Laura will do some more hats, both for the throwdown and her family, possibly the Sous Chef hat.

Jen will be working on throwdown hats, a shawl for Melissa, a sweater for her nephew, the Knit Dizzney shawl, and her own sweater design.

Knit Culture: (38:10)

We review Fiber Factor Challenge 5.

Geek Culture: (55:51)

We talk about awesome geeky knitting and crochet including:

1. Baby's First DNA Model by Kimberley Chapman
2. An article about Mathematical Knitting from American Scientist.
3. This very detailed knit skeleton by Ben Cuevas
4. Emily Stoneking's dissection models
5. Golden Spiral by Woolly Thoughts which uses the Fibonacci Sequence
6. Hyperbolic Hexagon Socks by H. Lurie
7. Illusion Tessellation by Deborah Tomasello (and she has socks as wells).

We also mention the What Would Madame Defarge Knit? books and the Jane Austen Knits.

Events: (1:03:25)

We are having a Knitalong in October! The Socktober Knitalong! Knit something (anything (hats)) out of sock yarn (fingering weight or any yarn that would make good socks) or knit socks out of any weight yarn between October 1st and October 31st. Post finished projects there for a chance to win a prize. Please do a separate entry for each project. Hiya Hiya has provided some prizes and Joni has given a project bag as a prize.

We will be at the Southern California Handweaver’s Guild Annual Weaving and Fiber Festival (WEFF) at the Torrance Convention Center on Sunday November, 3rd. Parking is free, entry is seven dollars. Laura will be vending. You can drop off Halos Hats at her booth. We may be doing some knitalong action with Yarn on Tap there for the Throwdown; we will keep you posted. Come say hi.

We are working on some knitalong events for the Throwdown. We will keep you updated. It will involve Sharknado and cake.

There will be a Dizzy Blonde trunk show at Colors 91711 in Claremont on November 23 from 2-6pm. There will be Lambie Toes for sale.

New milestone drawing at 500 members, so join our Ravelry group!

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