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Catching Up: (1:07)

Laura has been basking in the afterglow and trying to recover from Stitches West. She's also been dying custom colorways for two stores for the Los Angeles Yarn Crawl. She's been watching Broadchurch. And she's been working with her nephew to design a new Dizzy Blonde website. And she's really wanting a Disneyland trip.

Jen wants to go to Disneyland too, but her back needs to recover from Stitches. She's been doing some music with Ron (who's been nicely recovering from his surgery). She's been reading Sandman Overture. And she's been watching a lot of West Wing and Star Trek.

In the Knitting Bag: (8:04)

Laura has been working on her Leftie by Martina Behm, out of a Miss Babs kit in slate and red.

She's also been working on a Teddy Bear Wash Cloth by Elaine Fitzpatrick in Berroco Comfort DK in some shade of brown.

Jen has been working on her Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig out of Fibre Company Organik in Highlands.  She's also working on a vanilla sock out of Opal Sock Yarn (Petticoat series in greens and purples and yellows).   She's worked a bit on her Watership Down KAL shawl.  And she finished the Mustachioed blanket by Christina Behnke out of Cascade 128 Superwash in Aporto and Black. She might want to line it, because she hates the backside of intarsia.

We mention the Playful Stripes Cardigan by Alana Dakos, 60 Quick Baby Knits, 60 More Quick Baby Knits, and 60 Quick Baby Blankets.

Finished Objects: (16:46)

Laura finished the Scallop Hat by JT creations out of Knitpicks Brava Sport in Sienna Brown.

Jen finished her shawl for the Ravellenics out of Mean Girls Yarn Club.

Frog Pond: (18:16)

Jen had some trouble designing her shawl because she kept realizing she was going to run out of yarn and having to change the way she was going to knit it. She realized that designing a pattern for Ravellenics is probably not the smartest thing.

Devil's Tower: (20:07)

Laura has put Assquack into Devil's Tower.  It needs to be assembled, but she is sick of hats.

On Deck: (20:37)

Laura will be making a Nigh Side Hat by Preita Salyer for her brother in Broncos colors of Knitpicks Brava. She will also do some blanket squares for some of her Browncoat Nerd Wars friends who are expecting. Some will be in the Dizzy Blonde DK.

Jen wants to make the Water for the Elephants socks by Rose Hiver in some Knitpicks Stroll in a pink and a natural. She also wants to make Chickadee by Ysolda out of Quince and Company Chickadee. She wants to make more baby things for the new niece or nephew, but she will have to buy more yarn because she does not have a lot of baby-appropriate (aka SUPERWASH) yarn.

Knit Culture: (23:45)

We do a little more of a Stitches West recap.  Jen loved all of her classes, even though recommends Edie Eckman’s Where Do They Get Those Numbers? class for mathphobic knitters. She makes it really easy. Laura loved her Brooke Nico class about German and Japanese lace. We mention Brooke Nico's new book, Lovely Knitted Lace: A Geometric Approach to Gorgeous Wearables. We mention the Yarnover Truck.

We are proud to be knitting aunties to the youngest of the Knitmore Girls. We loved meeting Miss Kalendar's baby, Steve from It Takes Balls to Knit, Pam from Halos of Hope, Tammy and Ben from Fiber Hooligans, Rick Mondragon, and all the listeners we got to meet. And one final special huge thank you to the girls from Namaste for their support of the Podcaster Throwdown.

And Laura wants to thank Erika, Donna, and Liz for the help in the booth. Jen wants to thank Melissa for being a great travel companion.

We talk about the Podcaster Throwdown. We WON! Despite having a lot fewer listeners than some podcasts (which just makes our listeners even more awesome!). But everyone put up a great fight. Thank yous to all of you who sent hats, donated money or prizes, to Pam, Ben, Purlescence Yarns, all the podcasters, Steve Haschke (who coordinated all the hats), and the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers.

Finally Tally:

Team Knit Knit Cafe: 126 + 26 = 152
Team CraftLit: 280 + 20 = 300

Team Knitmore Girls: 802 + 125 = 927
Team Knotty Girls: 876 + 89 = 965
Team Sock-A-Holic: 442 + 165 = 607
Team Ready, Set, Knit: 300 + 8 = 308

Total Podcast Throwdown contribution: 2,826 + 433 = 3,259

General hats, on Stitches West show floor: 289. Previous 10 virtual hats were identified as belonging to Team Sock-A-Holic and now appear in their totals.

GRAND TOTAL for Stitches West, 2014: 3,115 actual hats + 433 virtual hats = 3,548

For the Ravellenic Games, Laura didn't even cast on. She was too busy with Stitches West prep. Jen finished, but just barely, because she frogged the shawl too much.

We talk about the Stashdown. March's theme is March Madness. Post a finished object on the theme in the thread to win a prize! We announce winners for February.  Jill Serenity wins the love challenge with her two cowls. She wins a copy of Cascadia by Amanda Milne and Fiona McLean, courtesy of Cooperative Press. Buzzedangel won the Red flash challenge with her red Hexipuff. She wins a set of conversation hearts stitch markers from k8erpillar.

Geek Culture: (42:29)

We point out some amazing math-geek knitting articles by Evelyn Lamb. Go read "The Stunning Symbiosis Between Math and Knitting" and "Roots of Unity: Knotted Needles Make Knitted Knots.

We're also a big fan of the infographics that Casey put together in celebration of Ravelry reaching 4 million members.

Events: (43:55)

The Los Angeles Yarn Crawl is April 3rd-6th. Jen is not crawling (she is out of town at Craftcation). Laura is having a meet and greet on Thursday April 3rd from 6:30 to 8:30 at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. She is having a second meet and greet (also at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company) on Saturday April 5th from 12pm to 3pm.

We will be doing something for WWKIP, so watch this space for details.

Our next milestone prize will be at 1000 members, so join the Ravelry Group.

Episode 21: A Waste of Perfectly Good Fruit Juice (Or We are All at Stitches)

We get a little bit of innuendo and silly in this one.  No bad language, but a little less clean than you are used to, so you may want to listen first if you have small ones.

We sort of fly by the seat of our pants in this episode! We are joined by Special Guests Melissa and Erica.

We are at Stitches West and are exhausted and overwhelmed and a little sleepy and maybe a little tipsy (but we're legal so it's okay).

In the Knitting Bag (1:43)

Laura has no knitting!

Melissa is knitting on Leah's Lovely Cardigan out of Malabrigo Sock in a blue and the McIntosh Cardigan by Gudrun Johnson from Knit With Me out of Madelinetosh in Tosh Merino Light in Tern and Edison and Button Jar Blue.

Erica is working on the Brier Island Sweater out of Miss Babs Heartland Worsted. She cast on for cowl in Skeindalous Buddy Sock, but had no time to knit.

Jen finished her Sweetheart of the Rodeo Cardigan and her Barley hat and gave it to the Knitmore Girls for the Throwdown. She is also working on her Ravellenics project, a shawl out of Mean Girls Yarn Club.

Melissa finished some shawls that had been long-term WIPs for the Ravellenics.

Frog Pond (10:05)

Laura frogged some of her homework to make hat tags--but there aren't sad knitting stories when you're not knitting.

Melissa learned from Brooke Nico how to fix mistakes in lace in her Stitches class.

Erica calls her mistakes "design decisions" and so does Melissa because "perfection is only for God."

Devil's Tower (11:44)

Laura is sick of hats, so she's not going to finish the hats she's working on for the Throwdown for later and donate them to Halos of Hope later.

We're all a bit hatted out.

Stitches Talk (13:48)

Laura has been working at her booth and it's been amazing. We had our meetup, which was great. But she is so busy. She wants a little time to shop.

Erica is glad she only bought one sweater quantity worth of purple yarn. But she's bought a lot of blue sweater yarn. She got some yarn from Verdant Gryphon, Sweet Fiber, and giant skeins of fingering weight from Miss Babs (yarn Babies). Melissa and Jen also bought yarn babies from Miss Babs.

Melissa bought a lot of vintage buttons. And she continues to buy pink yarn, green yarn, and neon yarn. She might have bought and entire rainbown.

Melissa took some classes. She took the Fixing Mistakes in Lace Knitting with Brooke Nico and Intentional Patterning with Hand-dyed Yarns with Laura Bryant. She loved them both and recommends them.

We talk about the Pajama Party with Marly Bird.

Jen got some laceweight from Terilyn Needle Art for a sweater (and so did Melissa) and some laceweight cashmere from Stitch Sisterz. She also got a Miss Babs yarn baby and some Miss Babs sock yarn, some Quince and Company Chickadee to make the Chickadee by Ysolda.

Melissa and Erica both got measurements take by Amy Herzog and we talk about Amy's Custom Fit Software and the myth of Standard Size. Jen got a consultation with Amy as well and thought it was great. We talk about the Fit to Flatter group on Ravelry.

Jen took Christine Bylsma's Design in a Day class, which was awesome. She also took Edie Eckman's Where Do They Get Those Numbers?, which she recommends for math phobic knitters. And she took Design Inspiration with Lily Chin, which was great.

Laura took a class about German and Japanese lace with Brooke Nico and she loved it!

Jen and Melissa both saw Myra Wood's keynote where she talked about her Knit in New Directions book.

Jen's sweater (made with Laura's yarn) was in the Friday fashion show. We met Steve from It Takes Balls to Knit.

Laura, Jen, and Melissa went to the pajama party, had fun, and Jen and Laura won yarn from Malabrigo and Fiesta Yarns. We also mention Skacel and Ben from the Fiber Hooligans and XRX.

Jen and Melissa went to the student fashion show.

We also had our meetup and got to meet a lot of our listeners. And then Jen and Laura went to the podcaster meet up. Shout outs to the Yarniacs, Just Another Bay Area Knitter, Knitmore Girls, Two Knit Lit Chicks, Hollywood Knitter, Dr. Gemma and anyone else we might have forgotten.

We talk about Namaste and how amazing they are. To support the Podcaster Throwdown, they gave the leader of each podcast team a free Harlow bag and t-shirts. We can't say enough good things about these ladies and their products. They are wonderful.

Melissa and Jen recommend audio books for their long road trips.

We talk about fangirling Myra Wood, Amy Herzog, Brooke Nico, Pam Haschke, Ben Levinsay, Steve from It Takes Balls to Knit, the Yarn on Tap girls. (And Jen loves their sock kits).

Melissa talks about a neon yarn baby she bought from Newton's Yarn Country.

Melissa is very proud that Stitches is the first time she's bought yarn all year, since last year she bought so much yarn she became a Loopy Legend. We also mention Shalimar Yarns and Plucky Knitter.

In closing, Miss Kalendar has the cutest baby ever!